Life Coaching Sessions

Hi, I’m Lynne McNamara

Life Coaching covers a broad spectrum of needs. Clients who come to me want to change careers, reach an evasive goal, develop their Emotional Intelligence, improve interpersonal relationships or they may be seeking tools to thrive rather than just survive. In every case, the key to moving from where they are to where they want to be is a sense of self-empowerment. This is the journey that I facilitate. Read my story here.

I offer a thorough series of online question & answer ‘Sessions’, that promote emotional intelligence, imparting tools to control thought patterns and emotions, that allow you to understand the why behind your behaviors and encourages you to be proactive in moving forward. The Sessions are accessible through one of 3 packages, that range in the level of my interactivity with the coursework.

What I Offer

Online Sessions

A comprehensive selection of topics to choose from! I have compiled these sessions through my Life Coaching experiences with clients and have imparted information that I have found to work the best. The sessions are packed with tools for you to use in your life and are designed to increase your Emotional Intelligence. This in turn increases your ability to make healthy choices and gain a sense of self-control. Session 1, 2 and 3 are best used as a unit and in this order. (Values, Anti-Values and Rules) Session 4 and 5 are best used as a unit and in this order. (Thought Patterns & Beliefs and Unpacking Beliefs)

Face to Face Sessions

My rooms are located in Hilton, Kwa-Zulu Natal. The tranquil, relaxing and, private environment sets the tone for our sessions together. I aim to make you feel as comfortable as possible while you are here with me as we navigate our way to you living your best life. Life Coaching can include setting goals, changing careers path, increasing self-esteem, and strengthening relationships. We cover a diverse range of needs and nothing is considered too big or too insignificant to take into account.

Pre-Wedding Course

Due to Life Coaching being proactive in nature, my pre-wedding course is exactly that. I believe in each individual within the relationship, fostering their individuality enough to be able to freely and willingly invest into their relationship. The course is designed to strengthen and highlight your strengths as individuals and as a couple, to preempt possible hurdles to overcome in the future, to understand how you came to having expectations of your relationship and how to communicate in a way that you are heard and that you hear to understand.

Relationship Coaching

Here, I refer to any type of interpersonal relationship from Father and son, husband and wife or siblings. Relationships can become a negative and enter a vicious cycle that gains momentum. Life Coaching encourages increased Emotional Intelligence so that you understand yourself and the other individual in the relationship. I encourage moving away from the negative cycle to finding lasting solutions to difficult situations, encourages healthy communication, and encourages looking beyond the surface of the situation to the meaning behind it. Throughout the process, I impart tools that can be used in your relationship going forward.

Addict Family Support

I studied addiction counselling as I found that I was dealing with addiction fairly frequently and found that supporting the family of addicts works hand in hand with Life Coaching and relationship Counselling. The family and other supporters of addicts need to be proactive and strong in their convictions, they need to self-care in order to care, they need to form boundaries and stick to them, and they need to face their fears to work through them. They need a non-judgmental and safe place and person to lean on and I am able to facilitate this.
Life Coaching is also very helpful for recovering addicts. They need to be in a space where they are ready to move forward and need to be mentally stable and robust to best benefit from Life Coaching.